Advertise with LMSA!

LMSA aims to connect its members to various personal and professional development opportunities throughout their time in training. To that end, we invite external organizations, particularly undergraduate and graduate medical education programs, to advertise their offerings to our members. The primary modes of advertising are listed below:

  • Our monthly LMSA National Newsletter;
  • Our digital media outlets: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and our website; and
  • Our conference programs and LMSA Hub mobile application (“app”)

To proceed with an advertising order, please complete our LMSA National Advertising request form. On this form, you will be provided with the opportunity to select your desired forum(s) for the distribution of your promotional content.

Upon review of your request, LMSA will send the contact person indicated on the form an invoice for advertising charges. Payment must be remitted prior to the dissemination of any advertising material (except in the case of free or waived charges). Lastly, LMSA may waive advertising fees for certain groups or initiatives on a case-by-case basis. For more information or to request an exemption from the above fees, please reach out to