Community Service

Hello, LMSA familia!

Please share your community service events with us! Submit a form (button below) for each different service activity (one-time service or longitudinal service) that your chapter does throughout the school year. Service can include: (a) community work including free clinics or one-time service events or can include (b) institutional service like leading education initiatives.

Through its programming, LMSA aims to encourage and empower medical trainees to provide meaningful and beneficial service to the Hispanic and Latina/o/x communities in the United States. Below, you will find initiatives, resources, and how-to guides to help you and your LMSA chapter plan your next community service event.

​Please report events to your Regional Service Chair! Doing so will grant your chapter points toward a prize for ‘Service Chapter of the Year’ at the next LMSA National Conference. Additionally, please let us know how we can support your efforts by reaching out to