Policy & Advocacy

The mission of the LMSA Policy Committee is to develop the next generation of Hispanic & Latina/o/x healthcare advocates through health policy training, mentorship, networking, community & media engagement, and collaborations with peer and allied organizations for the benefit of the Hispanic & Latina/o/x patient community.

We aim to achieve this mission using the following objectives:

  • Create a streamlined grassroots policy development process for LMSA members;
  • Increase LMSA general membership participation in policy development through training and mentorship;
  • Drive organizational grassroots movements and peer-reviewed publications on policy initiatives passed within and outside LMSA; and
  • Develop collaborative projects with external policy organizations that share similar goals.

The Policy Committee abides by these guidelines with respect to developing advocacy-related programming, reviewing organizational resolutions, and carrying out the annual LMSA Policy Summit (or its equivalent). For more information on LMSA’s ongoing policy initiatives, please contact our LMSA National Health Advocacy & Policy Chair at policy@lmsa.net.