Welcome to all of our LMSA pre-health students! In 2012, LMSA developed the Pre-Health Latina/o/x Undergraduate Society (PLUS) framework to formalize mentorship and support for those early in the pipeline of health professions training. This framework involves at least three components:

  • A path to establishing formal LMSA PLUS chapters at two- and four-year colleges and universities in the U.S.,
  • A dedicated arm of LMSA programming for all pre-health students, especially those considering pursuing a DO or MD, and
  • A forum for networking with fellow pre-health peers through LMSA.

Forming a chapter at your institution is a fantastic way to get plugged into the LMSA National network, as well as that of your respective region. PLUS chapters and LMSA Local Chapter at medical schools are given equal voices in deciding who serves on regional leadership and what the regional and national organizations do to benefit all health professions trainees. The voice and spirit of our organization lie with our chapters and we want undergraduate students to be a part of that.

Additionally, LMSA PLUS chapters pair strongly with LMSA Local Chapters at the same institution (or in the vicinity of each other). We highly encourage these two entities to plan join programming, engage in mentorship initiatives, and support each other in whatever way possible. The LMSA National Chief Development Officers (CDOs) and their regional counterparts are here to help with this! Please do not hesitate to email at membership@lmsa.net.

Regarding programming, the LMSA National Mentorship Committee creates events exclusively for pre-health students on a regular basis. This involves providing guidance to students on preparing applications and interviews to medical school, developing long-term relationships with mentors, and more. More information regarding this programming can be found on the LMSA National Facebook page and below.

Lastly, please reach out to the LMSA National Mentorship Committee at mentoring@lmsa.net to be a part of its Slack Workspace dedicated solely for community-building and support of pre-health students. We hope to connect with you there!