LMSA PLUS Mentorship

The LMSA National Mentorship Committee has compiled contact information for potential mentors and mentees to connect. To access this database, please log in using the credentials associated with your LMSA membership.

Additionally, advisors of LMSA chapters and regions represent an excellent resource for members. For chapter advisor contact information, please visit our Regions & Chapters page. For regional advisor contact information, please visit regional websites using the top navigation menu.

If you would like to have your information removed from this list, please email mentoring@lmsa.net.

Please note: While LMSA has curated contact information as a resource for its members, in no way shall LMSA be responsible for overseeing interactions between mentors and mentees that connect via use this database. Mentors and mentees shall be expected to adhere to the LMSA Code of Conduct, as well as similar guidelines imposed by the parties’ respective institution(s).