One of the Latino Medical Student Association’s core values is mentorship, which can be defined as a dynamic, contextdependent, goalsensitive, mutually beneficial relationship between an experienced guide (the mentor) and a protege focused upon advancing the development of the latter (the mentee).1 Numerous medical education studies have associated access to good and/or well-suited mentors with increased support and success of medical trainees, particularly those from underrepresented backgrounds in medicine (UIM/URM).

1. Sheri, K. et al. A scoping review of mentor training programs in medicine between 1990 and 2017. Medical Education Online (2019). doi:10.1080/10872981.2018.1555435

In light of this, LMSA strives to develop robust mentorship efforts in order to actively promote the recruitment and retention of Hispanic, Latina/o/x and other UIM health professional trainees. We believe our medical student members in particular must engage in mentorship initiatives both as the mentee – receiving instruction and guidance from residents, physicians, and other more senior professionals – and as the mentor – providing support to those earlier along the medical education pipeline.

To that end, LMSA has established the following mentorship initiatives:

  • The LMSA “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) Series through Facebook Live
    • The 2020 National Facebook Live Ask Me Anything Series has officially concluded! You can find our AMA videos saved on the LMSA National Facebook Page. We have covered both premedical and medical student topics, so be sure to check these out. Stay tuned for future impromptu Facebook Live sessions!
  • The LMSA URM Residency Hub
    • This resource is designed for LMSA members to learn more about residency programs that share our passion for promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). On our website, you can view information from programs in various specialties and find virtual event calendars for each specialty. Learn about residency programs’ diversity mission, DEI initiatives, tips for applicants, and contact information for advisors! Please log in with your member information to access the hub.
  • The LMSA National Mentor Registry
    • Trainees: We have compiled a list of physicians in diverse specialties who are enthusiastic about mentorship. Please reach out to them directly; they are expecting you! Make sure you take a close look at the “Any Special Requests?” column to see who they are interested in mentoring (e.g. premeds vs medical students). Please log in with your member information to access the registry.
    • Physicians: Sign up here if you are interested in being listed as a potential mentor! Also, please forward this form to anyone you think would like to participate.
  • LMSA National Mentorship Listserv:
    • Physicians and medical students interested in serving as mentors can sign up for the LMSA National Mentorship Listserv here to receive occasional emails regarding mentorship volunteer opportunities through LMSA and other partner organizations.
  • The LMSA PLUS Network for pre-health students (separate page)