LMSA PLUS National Scholarships

Applications for 2024 will open December 2023.

For LMSA National Scholarship awards, the following will be considered in the selection process: personal qualities, financial need, academic excellence, and extracurricular achievement.

General Requirements

Carmen Reyes MCAT Scholarship

Award Recipients

Carmen Reyes MCAT Scholarship


Lizbeth is currently studying Neurobiology with certificates in Disability Rights and Services and Health and the Humanities at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is a research assistant at the Learning, Cognition, and Development Lab, researching how multiple language exposures impacts children’s language acquisition. She hopes to become a pediatrician and help low-income, Spanish-speaking communities.

My name is Ana Q. Reyes Rodriguez. I will be graduating this upcoming May with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and minors in Chemistry and Biology. After graduation, I will take two gap years while I study for the MCAT, work as a medical scribe and continue to shadow and volunteer. Furthermore, during my gap years I hope to do research in cardiovascular diseases. In the future, I hope that I can achieve my dream of becoming a physician in the field of cardiology or surgery while providing mentorship for those who are also pursuing a career in medicine and come from a similar background as me. Moreover, my goals include creating a scholarship foundation to provide financial assistance to low income students pursuing a career in medicine and also to create community programs that provide access to affordable healthcare in marginalized communities.

Priscilla Gonzalez is a first-generation college graduate from UC San Diego. She received her degree in Human Biology in 2022 and is currently studying for the medical college admissions test. Often serving as her family’s sole interpreter, she realized that language barriers between patients and physicians discouraged Latinos from seeking medical attention. She is passionate about decreasing language barriers in the medical field and advocating for future patients.

My name is Shelda Salomon, I am from Kent, WA and I am a senior at Gonzaga University. Currently, I am working on obtaining my B.A. in bachelors with a minor in psychology. My next step is prepping for medical school where I would pursue a M.D./ MPH. In the future, I hope to someday go to developing countries and give medical care to people who do not have access to proper care.

Jessica Nunez is a first-generation college student who graduated from UCLA with a double major in Cognitive Science and Spanish, Community and Culture. She is currently preparing to take the MCAT and working as a health educator at a federally qualified center. Jessica is strongly passionate about the intersection of medicine, community health, and social justice; she strives to become a physician advocate in underserved communities.

Matiza Sacotingo graduated from Wesleyan University in May 2021, where she majored in French Studies, minored in Chemistry; all while being on the pre-medical track. Matiza aims to use her four languages that she speaks: French, Portuguese, Spanish and English to provide quality healthcare to individuals, focusing on the uninsured/underinsured and those whose first language is not English. Outside of medicine, Matiza is a content creator and enjoys creating beauty, fashion and lifestyle content across all her social media platforms.

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