Start an LMSA Chapter

Thank you for your interest in starting an LMSA chapter at your school! As stated in our Bylaws, it only takes 1 student and 1 chapter advisor to launch a new chapter. Please see the tips below for guidance.

Note: The steps below are identical for those interested in establishing a new LMSA Local Chapter (at U.S. accredited medical schools) or LMSA Pre-Health Latina/o/x Undergraduate Society Chapter (PLUS; at two- or four-year U.S. colleges and universities). For all questions regarding this process, please contact the LMSA National Chief Development Officers at

Steps for starting a new LMSA chapter

Prior to applying:

  • ​Consult with your school to understand protocol for starting a student organization. It is important to make sure you are following their guidelines. There is usually a designated staff member who can give you all the information you need.
  • Identify an established mentor who will serve as your LMSA chapter advisor. This advisor will be expected to help your chapter grow, plan programming, and connect with LMSA at the regional and national levels. We strongly recommend asking a physician faculty member at your institution to fulfill this role.
  • Make sure you are an active member of LMSA National! If you have not already, please register through our membership portal. Registration is easy and will give you access to our network of medical students across the country. Additionally, take advantage of our member benefits as outlined here.
  • Make sure to review the LMSA National Constitution, as well as the equivalent document of your respective region. The National Chief Development Officers and their regional counterparts can help you access all the documents you will need for the process.

When you are ready to apply:

  • Reach out to the LMSA National Chief Development Officers (CDOs) at to start the chapter creation process. You will be sent forms to provide information about the proposed chapter, including its intended leadership structure and faculty advisor. You will also be given the LMSA Local Chapter Bylaws Template for you to tailor and establish specific guidelines for your new chapter. 
  • The LMSA National CDOs will ask you to submit your chapter information, bylaws, and a signed document attesting that you have reviewed the constitution of LMSA National and that of your respective region. (To find out which region you fall under, please visit our Regions & Chapters page.)
  • Upon document submission, the LMSA National CDOs will also connect you to the membership officer(s) from the region encompassing your institution. As regions may ask for additional information, the regional membership team will ensure your chapter becomes (and remains) an active part of your respective LMSA region.
  • Your region will inform LMSA National once all requirements are complete. At this point, you will receive notice from LMSA National that your chapter is officially recognized as part of our growing network!