Faculty/Physician Advisory Council (FPAC)

The LMSA Faculty/Physician Advisory Council (FPAC) is the primary body of advisors for the organization at large. FPAC consists of three tiers of advisors, serving LMSA members and leaders at the national, regional, and local chapter levels.

LMSA currently has nine national advisors, all of whom are renowned scholars in their respective areas of expertise. Led by the Executive Director, these individuals leverage their experience within the medical profession and their long-term tenure in LMSA to support LMSA’s student leadership in various ways.

For more information on the LMSA FPAC, please see below, visit the FPAC website, or reach out to Executive Director John Paul Sánchez, MD, MPH, at exec.director@lmsa.net.

2020-21 FPAC Members

FPAC Accomplishments