Structure & Elections

LMSA serves its members and communities thanks to the tireless work of numerous medical student leaders. Each year, LMSA National seeks student leaders committed to improving healthcare for Hispanic communities and promoting success among health professional trainees.

As depicted below, the LMSA National leadership structure consists of two parts: the Board of Directors (BOD) and the Executive Committee.

The BOD consists of the Faculty Executive Director, the National President, the Immediate Past President (IPP), the Vice Presidents (VP) of External & Internal Affairs, and the Regional Co-Directors (2 from each of the 5 LMSA regions). The Regional Co-Directors represent the voting body of LMSA National, with the National President intervening to break ties.

The Executive Committee consists of all national committee chairs, who oversee the execution of programming in key areas, such as mentorship, fundraising, policy, community service, and others. These individuals also coordinate efforts with their counterparts in each region to ensure LMSA initiatives benefit medical students across the country.

More information on each LMSA National leadership position can be found below. Elections for senior leadership (positions marked with ^) occur annually at the LMSA National Conference. Positions marked with are determined at the regional level; please contact your respective Regional Co-Directors for more information. All other student leadership roles are appointed by the National President and ratified by the LMSA National BOD.

Join the LMSA National Leadership Team!

LMSA is run almost entirely by medical students, who give of their time and talents to serve their peers across the country. We need you to keep up the good fight!

To apply for an elected or appointed position on the LMSA National leadership team, please refer to our annual elections packet. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email LMSA National at The Elections Committee may also be contacted directly at

Description of LMSA National Leadership Positions

Board of Directors (BOD)

  • Executive Director
    • Serves as the primary faculty advisor to LMSA National leadership; oversees all other advisors, including the LMSA National Faculty/Physician Advisory Council (FPAC)
  • National President
    • Represents the primary spokesperson for the organization; coordinates LMSA leadership to advance organizational programming & priorities
  • Immediate Past President
    • Provides advice, support & institutional memory for LMSA National leadership
  • Vice President, External Affairs
    • Oversees outward-facing LMSA efforts, including events, media & relationships with partner organizations
  • Vice President, Internal Affairs
    • Oversees inner workings of LMSA, including membership, finances, and administration
  • Regional Co-Directors
    • Represent each of LMSA’s five regions and work together to envision and authorize national programming

Executive Committee

External Affairs
  • Conferences & Events Liaison
    • Coordinates events & programming between LMSA National and its five regions
  • Mentorship Co-Chairs
    • Connect medical students to mentors and empower medical students as mentees for others
  • National Conference Chair
    • Organizes host institution, agenda & other components of the LMSA National Conference
  • Partnerships Chairs
    • Enhances connections between LMSA and its organizational partners
  • Policy Chair
    • Develops programming in health policy, advocacy & equity for marginalized communities
  • Public Relations Chair
    • Cultivates LMSA brand on social media; disseminates information to LMSA at large
  • Publications Co-Chairs
    • Create written & digital media to disseminate information to LMSA stakeholders
  • Service Chair
    • Develops & implements LMSA’s national & regional community service & outreach initiatives
  • Webmaster
    • Updates & maintains LMSA National website and all information therein
Internal Affairs
  • Chief Development Officer (CDO)
    • Supports and grows membership for individuals and chapters
  • Deputy CDO
    • Assists CDO in all membership affairs
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
    • Monitors organizational expenses, revenue, budget, and finances
  • Chief Information Officer (CIO)
    • Acts as LMSA’s secretary general and parliamentarian
  • Fundraising Chair
    • Develops regional & national fundraising initiatives; connects sponsors/exhibitors to LMSA
  • Scholarship Chair
    • Develops, administers & recommends candidates for LMSA scholarships