LMSA National Committees

Members of LMSA National are encouraged to inquire about and participate in various committees within the organization. LMSA manages several standing committees, such as Mentorship and Service, as well as ad-hoc committees, such as the Task Force on Gun Violence Prevention. For more information regarding LMSA committees and ways to get involved, please reach out to us at contact@lmsa.net.

Standing Committees

Community Service
Assist in the development, implementation, and publicity of the LMSA’s community service initiatives and community outreach efforts. Oversee accurate tracking and documentation of initiatives and other projects. Work to develop and provide regional and local chapters with resources to implement projects.

Work alongside the committee chair to plan, develop, and implement the National Conference in coordination with other National Committee and host regions Conference planning chair.

The development committee works to address the needs of the membership by keeping an up to date member database, recruiting new members, establishing new chapters, and making members aware of benefits and opportunities offered by the LMSA. Committee also works to maintain a connection with LMSA alumni.

The main function of the Elections Committee is to encourage and educate LMSA members interested in running for elected positions as well as ensure that the elections are a just process.

Address the financial needs and growth of the National organization through communication with Regional Chief Financial Officers from every region; provide guidance to the Board of Directors on matters related to income and expenditures for current operations, and for recommending future fiscal objectives.

The fundraising committee works to come up with fundraising strategies on a regional and national level. They develop initiatives and resources including reaching out to sponsors, exhibitors, and alumni to continue and expand LMSA programmatic initiatives.

Serve as National voice and advocate for pre-medical students and PALS chapters in each region. Works to provide resources and opportunities to premedical members. Committee also works with Alumni to provide mentors for mentors.

Coordinate efforts to strengthen partnerships with other organizations and leaders that specialize in issues affecting education, health care, and minority and women’s health policy. Guide regional policy chairs on how to lead and instruct LMSA members to write and develop resolutions. Assist regional policy chairs on the development of regional programming events.

The publications committee serves as the primary literary body responsible for written distribution of information throughout the organization via web-based and print publications. The committee will also produce a national edition of the Journal of the Latino Medical Student Association (JLMSA).

Helpful skills: writing, editing, proofing, layout, advertising, and graphic design

Public Relations
Committee works to strengthen the voice and brand of the LMSA on a national level through media and branding opportunities.

Helpful skills: marketing, copywriting, web development, and graphic design

The purpose of the Scholarship Committee is to develop and assist in the administration of the Association’s scholarship programs. The Scholarship Committee shall also be responsible for evaluating scholarship applications and recommending candidates for scholarships to the LMSA National Board.