UW-Madison Radiology Diversity Visiting Student Scholarship

The Department of Radiology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison stands behind our University’s diversity statement: “Diversity is a source of strength, creativity, and innovation.” We are committed to a culture of inclusion and respect among our patients, faculty, staff, and trainees. Our goal of recognizing and supporting each individual’s unique contributions is integral to our mission of providing remarkable healthcare.

As part of our strategic vision to increase diversity and inclusion within the field of radiology, we have created an exciting new opportunity for medical students. The Radiology Diversity Visiting Student Scholarship, sponsored by the Department of Radiology, is designed to provide 4th year medical students from underrepresented groups in medicine the opportunity to explore radiology as a specialty, connect with mentors and sponsors at UW-Madison, and engage in a scholarly project. Medical students who are interested in Diagnostic Radiology are encouraged to apply for this scholarship using the online form below.

Scholarship Goals

  • Increase the recruitment of students from groups underrepresented in medicine into the Diagnostic Radiology residency program at the University of Wisconsin
  • Provide our scholar with one-on-one faculty and peer mentoring sessions
  • Increase our scholar’s awareness of the opportunities in academic radiology
  • Participate in a research project under the direction of a radiology faculty mentor
  • Introduce our scholar to the University of Wisconsin-Madison Diagnostic Radiology residency program through remote observation and participation in clinical services and department’s educational opportunities

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Program Overview
In accordance with guidelines issued by the AAMC, this visiting scholarship will be completed virtually in the 2021 summer. The scholar will complete this 4-week program through the Radiology 910 visiting student elective from 07/19/2021 through 08/13/2021.

  • Students will have the opportunity to meet with Diagnostic Radiology Residency leadership during their rotation for one-on-one and/or peer mentoring sessions.
  • Students will participate in weekly peer mentorship chats with residents from the School of Medicine and Public Health.
  • Under the direction of a radiology faculty mentor, the student will participate in the study design, data acquisition and analysis, and subsequent presentation and manuscript preparation of an original radiology research project.
  • Students will have the opportunity to remotely observe and participate in the clinical services and interdisciplinary conferences within the Department of Radiology. This includes:
    • Abdominal Imaging
    • Breast Imaging
    • Cardiovascular Imaging
    • Head and Neck Imaging
    • Musculoskeletal Imaging
    • Neuroradiology
    • Nuclear Medicine Imaging
    • Pediatric Imaging
    • Thoracic Imaging

Financial Support

The Diversity in Radiology Visiting Research Scholar will be awarded $2000 to support participation in the program.

Eligibility Requirements

To be considered, an applicant must:

  • Be in the final year of their medical training at the time of the rotation
  • Actively planning to apply for residency positions in Radiology
  • Attend an LCME or AOA accredited medical school
  • Be a U.S. citizen, Canadian citizen, or permanent resident of the United States as mandated by theAAMC
  • Receive a passing score on USMLE step 1
  • Identify as belonging to a population that is underrepresented in medicine as defined by the AAMC:
    • Black/African American
    • Latinx/Hispanic
    • Native American
    • Alaskan native
    • Native Hawaiian
    • Other Pacific Islanders
  • Be available to participate in this visiting clerkship from 07/19/2021 through 08/13/2021.

To Apply

Please apply using the online application. You will be asked to upload the following documents as part of your application:

  • A brief letter of intent outlining your interests in radiology and goals for the visiting clerkship
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Unofficial medical school transcript
  • Available USMLE Step Scores
  • One letter of recommendation (does not have to be from a radiologist)
  • The deadline to apply is June 11th, 2021 at 11:59 PM central time. Applications will be reviewed by members of the Department’s Diversity and Inclusion Office and Committee and Medical Student Education Committee. Applicants will be notified of a decision (accepted, waitlisted, decline) within 2 weeks. Following notification of application decision, accepted applicants must apply through VSAS. We request that an accepted applicant submit all required VSAS materials within five business days of acceptance. Please reference VSAS for a list of these requirements.

The deadline to apply is June 11th, 2021 at 11:59 PM central time. Please direct questions to the Assistant Director – Education and Communications, Katie Yang (kyang3@uwhealth.org).